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Enjoy Our Special and Tasty foods

Our Burgers of both veggie and chicken tastes best. The delicious veggie burgers made of fresh vegetables and olive oil, so that the chicken crispy burgers.

Sliced cheese and vegtable, fruits or meat, chicken are placed in between two bread pieces or grilled bread pieces with sauce results in a tasty delecious Sandwiches.

Pastas are the staple of the traditional italian cuisine. It ranges from simple pastas to creamy cheese pastas. Make your dinner and lunch delecious with our pastas.

Milkshakes are the sweet cold beverages made up of fresh milk, ice cream or iced milks. These milkshakes are flavoured and sweetened with tasty caramel, strawberry and so many.

Mocktails are non-alcoholic recipes that tastes good and yummy at parties, kids would like to have them more because of its taste. Mocktails are best for parties.

The cold beverages other than milkshakes are available at the affordable price. The beverages are basically meant for human consumption other than water.

Desserts are evening meals that includes sweet foods and beverages also includes cheeses, coffee. desserts are so delecious that tempts you to eat it first.

Add-Ons are those that add taste to your dishes of dinner or lunch. Extra cheeses on burgers, garlic sauce for dip your crispy dishes are the Add-Ons. Make your dishes tastier with add-ons.

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