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Veg Treat

Made with fresh vegetables and olive oil in a crispy and tasty manner. Best in taste for all an specially for veggie lovers.

Non Veg Treat

Made with fresh chicken , meat and olive oil , that results goodf in taste. Everyone will love the taste of nov veg treat menus.

Veg Grilled Wrap

Every wrap is packed with the goodness of vegetables or protein enhanced with appetizing aroma and tangy flavours you love.

Non Veg Grilled Wrap

The well cooked chicken and mutton dishes rolled in a fresh wrap with crispy onions, sauces and lettuce leaves in a best taste.

We Serve

(Yummy Burgers, Delicious Grilled Wraps, Italian Pastas, BBQ & Kebabs and More)

Yummy Burgers

Our Burgers of both veggie and chicken tastes best. The delicious veggie burgers made of fresh vegetables and olive oil, so that the chicken crispy burgers.

Yummy Sandwiches

Sliced cheese and vegtable, fruits or meat, chicken are placed in between two bread pieces or grilled bread pieces with sauce results in a tasty delecious Sandwiches.

Italian Pastas

Pastas are the staple of the traditional italian cuisine. It ranges from simple pastas to creamy cheese pastas. Make your dinner and lunch delecious with our pastas.

Crispy Fried Chicken Corner

Fried Chicken Wings (5pc), Jumbo Popcorn Chicken (9pc), Crispy Chicken Lollypop 3pc), Hot Wings (3pc), Fried Chicken Strips (5pc), FAMILY BOX (Crispy Lollypop 2pc + Hot Wings 2pc + Chicken Strips (3pc) + Dip Mayo

Healthy Box

Our Healthy Box has Iceberg lettuce, Broccoli, Baby corn, Fresh Beans, Carrot, Cabbage, Grilled Chicken/Falafel. The creamy salad dressing makes it absolutely delectable!!!!

BBQ Grill Chicken

BBQ Grill Chicken (Quarter), BBQ Grill Chicken (Half), BBQ Grill Chicken (Full), BBQ Boneless Grilled Fish (Full), BBQ Chicken Wings(6pc), BBQ Boneless Chicken Strips (5pc),…

About Us

When we first started out in 2013,with a passion of giving best Mediterranean cuisine for foodies in Coimbatore, their response gave us the inspirationinto a booming more varieties to serve customers and now we are proud to tell that we are one of the best restaurant in Coimbatore…


Chicken Popcorn, Chicken Nuggets, Fish Finger, Fried Chicken Strips…

₹ 69 to ₹ 129

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